A ROUTINE eye test has given a Kidderminster teenager a new outlook on life after it revealed a brain tumour.

Sabrina Bell, 19, originally booked an appointment at the town's Specsavers opticians thinking she might need glasses after experiencing headaches and double vision.

Discovering a problem, her optometrist organised an appointment for her to see an eye specialist at Kidderminster Hospital.

While at the hospital Miss Bell underwent a number of tests as well as an emergency MRI scan.

The following day she was referred to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She was operated on the next day by a specialist brain surgeon at Coventry University Hospital, where they removed a meningioma tumour which, luckily for Miss Bell, was not life threatening at the time.

She said: “The size and shape of the tumour stunned the surgeons as it would normally only be found in people over the age of 70. Thankfully, they were able to remove the entire tumour.

“I was very fortunate to make good progress and I was discharged from hospital a week later.”

Due to the rarity of such a sizeable tumour in someone of her age, Miss Bell is providing a case study for eye specialists at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

She is also encouraging people to get regular eye checks so that tumours and other medical issues can be picked up before they get worse.

“I can’t imagine how much my life may have changed if I hadn’t made that eye appointment,” she said.

“I have never treasured my life so much and I am so appreciative of the support I’ve had from all of my friends and family.”

Staff at Kidderminster’s Specsavers branch received a note from Miss Bell and her family thanking them for their help.

In the note Miss Bell said: “I can't thank you all enough for all you have done for me.

“If it wasn't for you sending me to Kidderminster Hospital I wouldn't have been diagnosed with having a brain tumour as fast as I was.

“Have pride in your job knowing that you have saved a young person’s life.”