A RIVERSIDE pathway overgrown with seven-feet high weeds and nettles has been labelled "disgusting" by a Bewdley resident.

Ted Taylor, 76, of Gardners Meadow, who lives directly opposite the short walkway which runs on the south side of the River Severn from Pritchard Court to the cricket club, has urged the county council to cut back the vegetation as a matter of urgency.

He said: "It is just terrible and disgusting and I have never seen it this bad.

"Bewdley is a lovely, historic town that relies on tourists and I feel it has been neglected by the local authorities.

"The out-of-control weeds and nettles are spoiling views of the river and making the town look untidy for residents and visitors alike.

"More pride should be taken in the upkeep of these pathways in order to preserve the reputation of the town and to allow the public to enjoy the surroundings, such as sitting down and having a picnic by the river."

Mr Taylor, who has lived in Bewdley for 20 years, added he felt compelled to demand action after visiting Worcester for a walk along the city's riverside which, in sharp contrast to his home town, was "beautiful, with vegetation cut back and well maintained".

Conservative John Campion, Worcestershire County Council councillor for the Bewdley division, said: "The county council has responsibility for a huge distance of public footpaths in the county and overgrown vegetation is a constant battle in the summer months.

"As the local member I will press to ensure that on this important access route the overgrown vegetation is cut back as soon as possible."

Another county councillor has faced similar problems with overgrown weeds and nettles in his area.

Conservative Gordon Yarranton, of the Cookley, Wolverley and Wribbenhall division, said: "We rely on members of the public to keep us up to date and inform us of problem spots.

"It is so important to keep riverside footpaths open and well maintained because it is lovely to walk along our beautiful river."