FRANCHE Wine Circle has donated £400 to Wolverley Church Hall for the purchase of new tables.

The social group, which is a collection of 50 individuals from the village who make home-made wine, raised the money through a series of events including its annual barbecue.

John Hartland, chairman of the wine circle, which meets on the second Monday of each month at Wolverley Church Hall, said: “The tables at the hall were getting a little bit old and out of date.

“We heard the church hall staff were trying to raise the money so we surprised them by donating £400 to the cause.

“The new tables, which are light and easy to assemble, will benefit all users of the hall, including children, families and community groups.”

A cheque was presented to Reverend Jan Ashton of the Wolverley Church Hall by Mike Davis, treasurer of Franche Wine Circle.