ROCK and roll music came to Cleobury Mortimer at the weekend.

THE Hole in the Wall Festival, which took place in the village of Hopton Wafers between Kidderminster and Ludlow, featured live performances from Bookends, Mummy Mia, The Quo AKA the Four Rossis, Blind Lemon and Ffion.

Severe rain threatened to close parts of the festival but did not dampen the spirits of the crowd.

Chris Woodward, events manager of the festival, said: “It was a great gig, with the weather changing at the right time no-one got wet and we managed to finish the festival on time with no delays.

“It was a miracle really.

“Unfortunately it was not as successful as last year due to the weather forecast of thunderstorms, but we would like to thank everyone who turned up for their support which really made a difference.”

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