A CHARITY which helps homeless young people and those at risk of homelessness in Kidderminster is urging people to get involved in fundraising this summer by holding bake sales.

St Basils is asking the public to arrange their own bake sales or competitions, put out a donation tin or charge a small fee and send the proceeds to the charity.

Anne Morton, fundraising officer, said: “We need the support of our local communities to help us respond quickly to young people in crisis situations.

“Summer events provide the perfect chance to try out a new recipe or do a quick tried and tested dish without then having to eat the whole lot yourself.

“You can try a few, give a few away to the kids and then sell the rest for charity – it’s the perfect guilt-free solution.

“The public’s efforts and support will help homeless young people access opportunities securing their futures away from the cycle of homelessness that exclusion from opportunities can cause.

“As little as £4 will help one homeless young person back on their feet by ensuring they can travel to a job interview.

“As much as £500 will fund an entire training programme for eight young people, while £80 will fund a day’s emergency duty response to crisis homelessness.”

St Basils have been running its services in Kidderminster since 2009 and last year moved into a new building, the Bromsgrove Street Foyer.

The service provides emergency and long-term support and accommodation to young people and young families.

Young people can stay with St Basils for up to two years and in that time charity staff work to raise their aspirations to improve their own wellbeing and ensure they have the skills to move on and become independent.

For more information visit stbasils.org.uk/Fundraising/bakeoff