A KIDDERMINSTER dramatist is taking one her plays to one of the world’s largest arts festivals next month.

Chloe Morton, 21, is a postgraduate drama student at the University of Worcester who, alongside fellow student Ben Jeffreys, will showcase their play, Siblings, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The play comprises two original pieces, Brothers and Sisters, both newly written by the duo, who were each given a £1,000 scholarship from the university to put on the show.

Ms Morton said: “We are highly honoured and delighted to receive the scholarships. It was incredible news and more than what I was hoping for.

“We are both incredibly grateful to the university for all the help we have received so far but such generosity really made us ecstatic.”

The duo have been offered a two-week, 11-show run at C venues, a prime venue for new writing. Preparations for the show began in spring, when both halves of the production were cast.

Ms Morton said: “Despite that the two parts have been written separately, they work well together.

“While Brothers acts as a poignant tragedy, my part, Sisters, follows as a slice of comic relief.

“Earlier this year we were lucky to find two extraordinary actors from Cambridge University, who we will be working with us throughout this journey, to ensure that Siblings really comes alive.”

Ms Morton and Mr Jeffreys aim to secure the strongest possible reviews and use them to launch a small professional tour around Worcestershire and Gloucestershire next summer.

She added: “The Edinburgh goal that we are working towards is going to be seminal for me as a budding theatre writer and director.

“Building a show and a theatre company from nothing is a very exciting process, which becomes even more exciting when we have such confident backing.”