A FIRST World War commemoration service was held at Holy Innocents Church last Sunday.

During the special service members of the congregation lit candles spelling out the word peace and also wrote messages of peace and remembrance on poppy cards.

The poppy cards, coloured white for peace, red for remembrance and purple for the animals who died in service, were displayed alongside the John Bell hymn What Shall We Pray.

Heather Prangley, member of Holy Innocents Church, said the display of poppies around the church was beautiful.

“It looked beautiful with 100 knitted poppies around the font, 100 down the aisle and 100 at the altar steps,” she said.

“It seems a fitting tribute that as our great-grandmothers and grandmothers knit socks, mittens and gloves for their men folk who were in the trenches, we now knit poppies as a mark of respect and remembrance.”