A TREASURE inquest at Worcestershire Coroners Court revealed three items of jewellery have been found near Bewdley.

Two gold finger-rings and one silver-gilt dress hook were discovered.

One of the finger rings has an amethyst set in a claw, while the dress hook has a six lobed pinked black plate.

A report on the finds by The British Museum stated the plain gold finger-ring could not securely be dated to pre-1713 and therefore did not qualify as treasure, as defined by the Treasure Act 1996, but in terms of age and metallic content the dress hook and amethyst finger-ring could be classified as treasure.

The senior coroner at the court confirmed to The Shuttle that the pieces of jewellery had been disclaimed by the Crown and would be returned to the finder unless the landowner objected.

The inquest opened on May 12 and was closed on July 25.