THE Kidderminster and District branch of the RSPCA is appealing for help with the costs for an operation to remove a cat’s damaged left eye.

It needs to be removed because, if left, could cause glaucoma and pressure, resulting in severe headaches and unbearable pain.

Members of the branch say the eye's deterioration could also affect the whole of the its system.

The cat, known as Ruby, is blind in its left eye and is also slightly deaf.

Coll Mealing, branch volunteer and committee member, said: “Our small local branch is full to bursting with cats rescued, some from appalling conditions and needing veterinary treatment, all putting a strain on our resources.

“In spite of our difficulties Ruby is deemed a special case for this serious and necessary operation.

“In the event of donations exceeding £500 we would like to use any monies towards the veterinary treatment for our other needy cats.”

For more information call 01299 825624 or to donate visit the RSPCA charity shop in Lombard Street, Stourport or call 01299 821313.