TWO budding doctors were celebrating their A level results at The Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre this morning.

Rebecca Mackenzie and Daisy Marchant both achieved the grades they needed to study medicine at University College London (UCL) and Manchester University respectively.

A top performer at the school, Rebecca was awarded A* grades in biology and chemistry, and A grades in physics and maths.

“I feel relieved, very relieved,” she said.

“I’m pleased with my biology and chemistry results, but I am a bit disappointed with physics – but there’s always room for improvement.

“I was quite calm this morning as I thought I would have done enough to get the grades I needed, so to log on to UCAS and saw I had got in to both my two choices made me relieved.

Starting at UCL in a month’s time, Rebecca said she is excited to be moving to the capital.

She said: “My parents are both a little nervous about me moving away, but with London there’s so many connections and things going on.

“It’s the heart of everything that’s going on in the country so I can’t wait.

“I have had to work really hard, I’m not a crammer and I’ve tried to do my studying alongside my showjumping so it’s been really hard.”

Daisy was accepted into Manchester University off the back of two As in biology and chemistry, and Bs in physics and history.

She said: “I’m surprised with what I achieved but I’m so happy.

“I’m terrified of starting in Manchester but I have had really good teachers in Bewdley and I had a great relationship with them so I’m hoping it will be the same there.

Unlike Rebecca, Daisy always had a career in medicine at the back of her mind, even if it seemed like a dream.

“I never thought it would happen,” she said.

“It always felt like a dream in the back of my mind and now it’s happened – I can’t believe it.”

The school had 100 per cent of students achieving at least two A level passes at A* to E with 75 per cent of those at grades C or above.

Paul Ramage, deputy head, said: “I’m so pleased with the results.

“They are an impressive achievement for students and staff given our fully comprehensive intake and focus on academic A level qualifications rather than vocational equivalents.”