THIS year’s A level class at King Charles I School are to be the last of retiring headteacher Tim Gulliver who has seen all students gain places at university or in further education.

The school’s results included an overall pass rate of 99 per cent in A levels and 100 per cent in vocational BTEC qualifications, up marginally on last year.

Mr Gulliver said: “We had excellent results in English and mathematics, where the majority of students achieved the higher A* to C grades.

“Results in geography, German, history and fine art were exceptionally pleasing - our students have much to be proud of and very many bright futures lie ahead of them.”

Two of the schools top performers were twins, Declan and Rhys Williams, who achieved five A grades and two B grades between them.

Declan achieved As in biology and chemistry and Bs in mathematics and physics, while Rhys achieved three A grades in mathematics, physics and systems and control.

The two competitive brothers were quick to come up with reasons as to why their results were better.

Rhys received higher grades than his brother in maths and physics but Declan was quick to say that systems and control was easier than his two subjects as it was “just coursework”.

The pair, who moved to the area from Northampton, said they were nervous but excited to find out their results.

“I woke up at half seven to get online and check,” Declan said.

“I felt pretty good when I saw them, however I was a bit disappointed as I came close to an A.

“Our parents were really happy with the results and I think they’re glad we’re moving out – well one of us is anyway.”

Rhys said the knowledge they have received from the school will stand them in good stead for their university degrees.

“What we have been taught will help open more doors for us at university and I’m excited to be starting my apprenticeship,” he said.

Mr Gulliver added: “Alongside their parents, I am incredibly proud of Declan and Rhys’ achievements.

“The results of the whole school reflect the substantial efforts made, over the past two years by our young people, their parents and our very committed staff – my thanks go out to all.”