A DISABLED man who has been prevented from leaving his flat due to rubbish blocking his access paths has had the right of way cleared.

Brian Reece, of Queen Street, Kidderminster, uses a mobility scooter to get about but had been unable to get out of his flat due to the blockage.

Mr Reece claimed that litter being constantly dumped on the path had made him miss important appointments.

“Life’s not the best when you’re disabled,” he said. “When you just want to go out with the dogs and can't because of right away being blocked, it gets you down.

“This has been going on for nearly three years and I have cancelled 14 appointments since September of last year because I couldn’t get out.

“I have complained to the council several times over the past few years and before that my parents complained about it too.”

The path has since been cleared by Mr Reece’s neighbour after being contacted by The Community Housing Group (TCHG).

Charlotte Gardener, PR and communications officer for TCHG, said: “Unfortunately, Mr Reece has experienced some issues with rubbish hampering his exit from his property.

“However, a senior neighbourhood officer has discussed the problem with Mr Reece and swiftly dealt with it to his satisfaction.”