THE headteacher of a Wyre Forest school has given tips to children who are making the transition from primary school to secondary school next week.

Bryn Thomas, headteacher of Wolverley CE Secondary School, thinks his tips will help all year 7 students across the area make seamless school moves.

Mr Thomas said: “Moving between primary and secondary school is an exciting time for children.

"The students will have had taster days at their new schools but until they get their feet under the table and know their way around, they may feel a little overwhelmed.”

He believes the most important thing for new pupils to do is to be prepared in advance for their first day, which includes planning their journeys into school, making sure their uniform is correct, packing their bag the night before and getting up early on their first morning.

He said: “Often, starting in year 7 means having to take the bus to school, so before the new term starts, do the journey two or three times so you are used to it before having to do it for the first time on the first day.

“Students should also make sure they have the correct uniform, which also includes PE kit and all the right equipment.

“Pack your bag the night before you start so you can make sure you have everything you need, instead of trying to do it quickly in the morning.

“It’s a good idea to get up a little bit earlier than needed so that there is time to get everything prepared.

“I also recommend having a good breakfast so that the brain is fully awake.”

Mr Thomas said new year 7 students should not worry as they would all be in the same position as each other in wanting to make new friends.

He added: “My final piece of advice is to just be yourself and you will settle in just fine.”