BELEAGURED Bewdley Town Football Club have been sent reeling following a break-in at their Ribbesford Meadows ground this week.

Intruders smashed their way into the club sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday, causing untold damage to the premises.

Heartbroken club secretary Steve Godfrey said: "The value of items they have taken would only amount to around £60, £70 or £80 but the damage they caused will run into hundreds of pounds".

"The thieves broke into the tea hut and helped themselves to a selection of pop and crisps, but they also took the tea urn and teapot."

They also managed to smash the shutters on the windows and remove the protective bars on their way into the clubhouse where they stole some cans of beer and the cash till which contained a small amount of change.

The even took the television which was situated in the clubhouse.

Mr Godfrey added: "It's a real kick in the teeth and it hurts everyone involved with the club. You can always replenish the stock, but it's the damage caused that's the real blow.

"It's come at a time when we've been desperately trying to raise funds to help improve the drainage situation with the pitch, then this happens."

The club, which is situated close to an area known as 'The Switchback', is next to the Woodman Caravan Park which is close to the Stourport Road.

Mr Godfrey added: "We're just hoping that someone from the caravan park might have seen or heard something.

"It's the first time the club has been broken into for a number of years and it's hit us hard."