A KIDDERMINSTER school has received a brand new minibus thanks to funds raised by the school's appeal trust.

The King Charles I School Appeal Trust recently presented the school with the minibus which will be used for transportation to education and sports activities.

The money was raised by the trust through donations - including those from parents and ex-pupils.

Stephen Brownlow, King Charles headteacher, said: "We are very grateful to the Appeal Trust who have been extremely generous over a number of years.

"Their numerous financial contributions have made a real and positive input to the education of the students at King Charles I School."

Caroline Holt, chairman of the trust, added: "This is the first time that the trust has made such a significant contribution - we are very proud of what we have been able to do.

"The trust is committed to continue providing these extras to the school."

The minibus can seat up to 17 people, with options available to accommodate wheelchairs.

The Appeal Trust is a local charity set up to raise funds to provide extras to the school. Each year, the trust award grants across the school for a wide variety of activities - including workshops and providing reading books for new year seven pupils to read before the start of the new school year.

The trust relies on donations and income from investments. Donations can be made by visiting kingcharlesschool.co.uk/index.php/appeal-trust.