A FUNDRAISING appeal has been launched to help restore a historic clock that once stood proud in Horsefair in Kidderminster.

Volunteer group Horsefair and Proud, along with councillors Steve Walker, Sarah Rook, Mary Rayner and Peter Young, are looking to raise £14,000 to bring back the timepiece that was in place outside The Old Peacock.

Councillor Walker said he had approached both the County and District Councils for financial assistance but this was declined and so has now turned to local residents, businesses and anyone else who wishes to get involved to raise the cash needed.

The Horsefair clock was erected in 1912 in honour of businessman and councillor Fred Oakes and stood for more than 50 years before it was removed in 1969.

Resident John Oakes, who is a relative of Councillor Fred Oakes, was contacted by Councillor Walker and permission sought from the family to go ahead with the project.

Mr Oakes said: “I cannot tell you how much it pleases me to know that the return of the Horsefair Clock is a possibility.

“Putting aside the family connection, it became an iconic landmark that many still recall today and it would be wonderful to see another one there in its rightful place.

“The original Clock was erected in 1912 in honour of my great uncle Fred Oakes who, besides being a business man with quite a large workforce, was also a revered councillor.

“It was paid for by the family, his workforce and donations from his constituents therefore, in a real sense, it belonged to the people of the Horsefair.

“As to its demise when Highways removed it in 1969, it will remain a mystery as it cannot be located anywhere in storage or in achieve records.”

The group has 12 months to raise the £14,000 from July 31 this year, following a meeting.

Councillor Walker said: “What we are trying to do as a group is return this iconic clock back to its original site and getting the residents and local historians to assist with the project.

“So far the people and businesses who have stated they will financially assist the project so far is Mumshad Ahmed of Kidderminster Madani Masjid and Eurasia takeaway.

“We need more financial support and ask local businesses or residents to support this amazing historical project and allow us to achieve our goal.”

Anyone who donates will have their names recorded on a plaque on the base of the clock. The group asks for all donations to be paid to “Horsefair and Proud” and for bank details, contact dawn@acedays.co.uk or mobile 07974 287223 or stevenjw827@btinternet.com or on mobile 07899 843228.