BEWDLEY Brewery has launched its own limited edition gin - with less than 300 bottles up for grabs.

The limited edition gin is currently only available at Bewdley Brewery, in Lax Lane - but will also shortly be stocked in selected local retailers.

The brewery's decision to distil gin was taken when one of the heating elements broke - leaving the brewers unable to complete the days brew and with a large quantity of otherwise unusable wort - the brown sweet liquid extracted from malted barley in the mash tun, which forms the basis of beer.

Rather than pour the wort down the drain, the decision was taken to send 1,000 litres to English Distillers, in Essex, who turned it into gin.

Dave Carr, Bewdley Brewery diretor, said: "It is a superb London Dry Gin with citrus and juniper flavours, which are softened with coriander seeds.

"The citrus comes from three different sources.

"The gin is also flavoured with Macadamia nuts and bay leaves."