GOVERNORS at Chaddesley Corbett primary school are pushing for further reviews from Ofsted, after the school was rated as 'requires improvement' in their latest inspection.

Inspectors visited Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary School in June, and rated the school as 'requires improvement' in three areas and 'good' for personal development, behaviour and welfare, and their early years provision.

The school was also rated 'requires improvement' in 2015.

The report stated that teaching is not yet good in too many year groups and as a result, the progress pupils make in key stages one and two is not fast enough.

It added: "In year groups where the teaching is not yet good, pupils do not reach the standards that they should.

"In some lessons, some teachers do not routinely move pupils on quickly enough to tackle harder work but allow them to complete work they can already do.

"Some teachers do not use their questioning skills well enough to make pupils think harder and make faster progress, or deal with any misunderstandings that pupils have about their work.

"Leaders' checks on teaching and pupil achievement are not always accurate."

Elsewhere, the school was praised for its early years provision and the pupils' welfare and behaviour.

The report stated: "Pupils behave well and are polite and considerate. Pupils' behaviour has improved since the last inspection.

"Pupils feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe, particularly when using modern technology.

"The early years foundation stage is good. Children in the early years are taught well, enjoy the stimulating curriculum and benefit from the care shown by staff."

The school's chairman of governors, Julie Cooper, said: "While we are disappointed with the outcome of the report, we are pleased with the rapid progress of improvements since the appointment of the current headteacher.

"We have received a large number of good reports over the last two years from official inspectors and advisors, as well as numerous accolades and awards.

"Ofsted have already made some changes and apologies regarding their report, however we do not feel these go far enough and will continue to press for further review.

"We have received unanimous support from parents since the report, who recognise the high quality of the education their children receive and see the school working well every day.

"Governors, parents, children, trustees and local authority advisors recognise Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary School as a good school, and will continue their hard work to keep it so."