FRUSTRATED residents living near to Wyre Forest Leisure Centre have said enough is enough after suffering repeated problems with youths attending a roller disco event on Friday evenings.

Residents say they regularly call the police because of the anti-social behaviour issues near to the centre, in Silverwoods Way, and are worried to leave their homes unattended in case of any trouble.

Children have been seen throwing litter on gardens, banging on doors and windows and messing around on drives.

West Mercia Police confirmed following recent issues in the area, they will issue disposal notices tomorrow (October 13) to help manage the problems. A spokesman for the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre said they were working with organisations to combat the anti-social behaviour.

Resident Donna Price said: “Every Friday evening we have problems. We have littering after the roller disco as children just throw their KFC rubbish all over the floor. They’ve caused us distress over the last year, chasing around the estate banging on doors and windows.

“Every Friday we have to move our cars out of the way of them crossing over the road, in fear they may get damaged. My husband’s car had someone be sick on it the one evening.

“We regularly call 101 on a Friday night and cannot relax in our home like everyone else does because of it. We do feel enough is enough.”

Daniel Windsor said: “We've had 20 plus people outside our house, the majority of them from the roller disco. Anyone living nearby must have been disturbed.

"I have installed security lighting and I am looking at camera systems, so I can keep an eye on my house when I am at work. But I feel this shouldn't be necessary, we love living here and I feel it is the council's and leisure centre staff's responsibility to tackle this, so the local residents can feel safe in their own homes and not have to deal with these kind of disturbances."

Sergeant Alastair Catherwood, of Wyre Forest Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We are aware of repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour on the Silverwoods estate area, KFC and Starbucks on the Stourport Road and around the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre, and are actively working with the community to resolve this.

"We have been working closely with partner agencies to discuss ways to tackle the issue moving forward and we will also be meeting with the roller disco organisers to talk about the concerns raised to us by the community.

"Anti-social behaviour in the area last Friday (October 6) culminated in around 40 to 50 youths gathering, behaving anti-socially and refusing to leave, requiring a large police presence. This type of behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

“Police will be looking to use a number of powers to manage the situation and the power to disperse and exclude under 34 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 will be in place this Friday (October 13).

"Police will be issuing section 35 disposal notices (a direction to leave a specified area and not return within a set time or face arrest) to stop groups congregating and behaving in an anti-social manner.

“It is very disappointing that some groups of youths won’t change their behaviour when requested and we have to resort to using these powers.

"Officers also have powers to take children home and confiscate items if they are being used in an anti-social way or to cause a nuisance to local residents.

"Our message to the community is clear, we are aware of the issue and we are taking active steps to tackle and address any reports of anti-social behaviour that we receive.

"Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team will continue to provide reassurance patrols in the area and we will take robust action against anyone who is deemed to be behaving inappropriately.

"For clarification, the private dwellings of those living within the designated area will not be affected and are specifically excluded from the ban."

Stuart Booton, leisure centre contracts manager, said: “The roller discos at the new leisure centre have been a fantastic success attracting up to 150 children each week to participate in a fun, healthy activity in a controlled and safe environment.

"We've had only a few very minor incidents in the centre, however we have received some calls from our neighbours reporting anti-social behaviour in the surrounding local area and this is subsequently reported to the police.

"The leisure centre is actively working with the police, local authority, CSO’s and Active Youth Outreach services to combat this anti-social behaviour.”

Kidderminster Shuttle:

^^ A map provided by West Mercia Police to show where the disposal notices will be enforced on Friday evening.