A KIDDERMINSTER councillor has penned his 31st book about how his family built a chalet in Upper Arley shortly before the war.

Nigel Knowles, who is Wyre Forest's Labour leader and a councillor for Franche and Habberley North, released his latest book "The Chalet" earlier this month.

"The Chalet" is set during 1938 and World War Two, about how his parents, Arthur and Florence, and immediate family, built a chalet near to the river in Upper Arley. Nigel has pulled the story together from photographs, family stories, documents and visits to the Upper Arley field where the chalet was built.

Mr Knowles, who lives in Bewdley, said: "My mother and father and two sets of aunties and uncles set about building the chalet in 1938. They picked a very nice spot - it looked down on to the River Severn and Severn Valley Railway line.

"They finished building it in the winter and my dad was called up to the eighth army, and was sent to Sicily and all over North Africa.

"The story really ends when he comes home from the war in 1945, and resumes his part with the family.

"I also went to the chalet recently and it is still there, looking in very good condition. It is in other ownership now."

Nigel added: "I actually wrote the book while I was on holiday in Sicily this summer.

"I had the ambition to write the book and since I was on holiday where my father went during the war, I made the connection."

The book can be purchased for £5 from the Stourport Book Emporium, in Lombard Street, or by calling Nigel Knowles directly on 01299 402343.