THE Environment Agency has expressed delight that the Flood Alleviation Scheme in Kidderminster saved the town centre from flooding.

The Kidderminster flood storage reservoir was completed in 2003. It stores flood water from the River Stour catchment on the Puxton Marshes to help prevent flooding of the town.

Flows in the Stour are controlled by a concrete culvert.

As water levels in the Stour increased with recent heavy rainfall, excess flood water was temporarily impounded in the storage area upstream of the town, as it was designed to do.

The flood peaked on Saturday evening and when river levels in the town downstream fell on Sunday morning, the stored floodwater was gradually released back into the river system. The reservoir can hold a total of 700,000 cubic metres of floodwater during such events.

The event attracted great interest from local residents and spectators whose homes were protected by the scheme.

The scheme cost £6 million and was a joint project between a private developer - £4million - and the Environment Agency - £2 million - to protect 180 properties in the town.