READERS have been contacting The Shuttle to report more sightings of orange lights in the sky.

We made an appeal for information last week after John Shellis, of Birmingham Road, Blakedown, said he saw a light that looked like “a large ball” moving “quite low in the sky” at about 12.30am on Sunday, April 12.

Jimmy Gilman, of Burlish Park, said he had a similar experience at the same time. He explained: “I thought it looked too big for a star, too slow for a shooting star, too fast for a plane and with no noise anyway.

“It was low in the sky and lasting around three to four seconds. It looked as if it was going from Stourport to Bewdley.”

Mr Gilman said he waited for 30 minutes after he saw the light, “just out of curiosity”.

He added: “I read the story in The Shuttle and I was gobsmacked, to say the least, as I too saw the object and thought it was so weird.

“On that night, I told my wife Karen, who doesn’t believe in such things, about what I had seen and my actual words were that if it appeared in the news, then she would know I had seen it too.”

Another resident also saw an “orange ball of light” move across the sky last Monday at about 9pm.

Ben Scully, an amateur astrologer of Birchen Coppice, Kidderminster, said the light was “moving in a curious way”. He added: “This was what caught my eye - it was almost like a street lamp but more circular in shape.

“I was outside talking to friends I saw it moving in a north east direction, towards the sugar beet factories.

“I have no idea what it was, it wasn't a star or couldn't be mistaken for a plane or a satellite.”

Lee Bollington, of Marlpool Place, Kidderminster, said Mr Shellis’s description reminded him of a light he and three friends saw just before Christmas last year, while standing outside the Three Crowns and a Sugar Loaf pub in Wolverley.

“We all said we definitely thought it was a UFO,” he said. “We did not report this as there was word that chinese lanterns could be the only explanation but I’m not so sure now.”