A STOURPORT couple have reported seeing strange orange lights in the sky.

Allan Ross-Smith, 63, and his wife Cathy, said they saw the phenomenon from the window of their home in Princess Way on Saturday night at about 11pm.

Mr Ross-Smith, a retired South African police officer, said: “My wife and I noticed 12 large orange lights travelling south from the northern horizon.

“The lights were spaced out, travelling along the same course and at an extreme speed. Unlike aircraft strobe lights, they were not pulsating.

“Twelve of them were orange and the last one was red and larger than the others. Travelling at great height, they moved towards Stourport and then, when at an approximate angle of 60 degrees to us, they vanished in the evening sky.

“My wife, a biology teacher, took out her binoculars and described the orange lights being emitted from a hexagonal-shaped form with five lights shining from under the forms.”

He added: “I’m pretty open minded. I am not opposed to the belief that UFOs are around us. Who knows? I don’t know what the orange lights were.”

Mr Ross-Smith, currently a contracts manager for facilities company, Integral UK, added: “I don’t drink or take drugs so it can’t be put down to that. It was very strange.”

He added he is keen to know whether there were any similar sightings in the Stourport area that night.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said there had been no other reports of strange orange lights on Saturday night.

Several Bewdley residents contacted The Shuttle in July last year to report sightings of strange orange lights floating across the sky.

That “UFO mystery” was solved when it was confirmed that the lights were Chinese lanterns, set off at a local wedding.

Did you see the orange lights? If so, contact The Shuttle or leave a comment below.