BEWDLEY welcomed visitors from the French town Fort-Mahon-Plage to celebrate 50 years of twinning.

To commemorate the occasion, Bewdley twinning association invited veterans from the Cadets De La France Libre who trained at Ribbesford House in the Second World War.

The guests attended the celebration at Bewdley Museum to view an exhibition showing the history of the Cadet De La France Libre in Ribbesford.

The group then went to Ribbesford House to lay wreaths to commemorate the 54 soldiers of the 211 who trained there who died fighting.

Chairman of the twinning association Stuart Williams said: “About three years ago we were researching into how long Bewdley and Fort-Mahon-Plage had been twinned for but Bewdley archives ceased to exist before 1974.

“We then found out by searching through The Shuttle archives that the two towns were twinned in 1962 meaning this year we could celebrate 50 years of twinning, 25 years of the twinning association and 70 years of Bewdley history.

“The celebration at the museum was was really lovely and very emotional. There were huge numbers of people there to bring together Fort-Mahon-Plage, Ribbesford House and the twinning association.”