YOUNGSTERS at a Kidderminster school will be taking part in the Guinness World Record breaking attempt for the largest simultaneous hand hygiene lesson.

The King Charles I School pupils will join other students across the country in the challenge on Monday.

 A total of 100 pupils from the Comberton Road school will take part in the lesson which will show students the best way to wash their hands and use a “snot runway” to show how far a sneeze can travel.

To be awarded the world record title, all the teachers taking part have to hold a simultaneous lesson on hand hygiene to explain and demonstrate how bugs are spread and to discuss why it is important to prevent germs spreading.

Rachel Cooper, the school’s science teacher and enrichment coordinator, said: “We are really excited about taking part in the world record attempt and we hope that the challenge will help our students to understand how bugs are spread around and what they can do to stop it. Armed with that information it is easy to see how infections are spread by touching things and how hand washing really makes a difference.”

The challenge has been set up by e-Bug - an education resource which teaches children about bugs - and School Councils UK.