A HEATED debate has broken out over Wyre Forest’s financial situation after the constituency’s MP described the British economy as “screwed”.

Conservative Mark Garnier told a fringe meeting at his party’s conference in Birmingham on Tuesday: “The reason we have a low interest rate is because the economy is absolutely screwed”.

Wyre Forest Labour Parliamentary spokesman Howard Martin responded to the comment saying Mr Garnier should use the “realisation” to help the local economy.

“I think he has realised the Tories are not getting it right,” added Mr Martin. “It would be nice if rather than just making statements he could try and unpick some of the local problems, I would rather he was creating jobs.”

Mr Garnier defended his comments, saying it was the Labour party who had ‘screwed’ the economy, a claim Mr Martin described as “absolute rubbish”.

“I am amazed Howard would want to highlight his own party’s colossal failures,” Mr Garnier said. “Labour completely messed up public finances and the economy. We are still reeling from it but we are trying to stimulate growth in the economy.

“All sorts of things are happening in Wyre Forest, for example the opening of the Kidderminster Academy, the West Midland Safari Park applying for a new 250-room conference centre, Tesco in Stourport. The list goes on.

“I set up the Carpet All Party Parliamentary Group: Kidderminster is famous for its carpet industry, why was this not done before? All this sets the tone that Wyre Forest is open for business.”

Mr Martin replied: “There needs to be jobs in the town for the new students to train for.

“We have poor connectivity and a lack of inward investment in Wyre Forest. Labour would invest money in the economy to build it.”