A GAS company has been told to clean up a Kidderminster road which is causing a “danger” to vulnerable residents according to a county councillor.

Liberal Worcestershire county councillor Fran Oborski said she had received a number of complaints about work contracted by National Grid, which had left holes in footpaths, with “mud and sludge” washing across the pavements on Longfellow Green on the Offmore estate.

A spokesman for the company said representatives would meet the county council, who look after roads, to discuss a solution.

Mrs Oborski said: “There are holes in the footways, surrounded by purple barriers with no evidence of any work being carried out. Dangerous amounts of mud and sludge are a real hazard to the many elderly and vulnerable residents living in the area.

“I am absolutely delighted Worcestershire Highways has issued an emergency defect notice to ensure that emergency clear up work is carried out. As local county councillor, I shall be inspecting the work to ensure remedial works are carried out.”

A National Grid spokesman said: “The ground at the site is very sandy and when it rains it washes the sand on to the pavement and we are having problems clearing it up because you cannot just sweep soil down the drains.

“We have set up a meeting on site with someone from the council to come up with a solution. We have swept it but every time it rains it will happen again.”

Conservative county councillor John Smith, cabinet member for highways and transport, said the estate had been inspected as a matter of urgency and he expected roads to be cleaned up shortly.