VOLUNTEERS who have been pivotal in setting up the Museum of Carpet say it has been a “privilege” to be involved in the project.

Since its inception about 60 volunteers, at various times, have contributed to the museum to get it ready to open to the public on Saturday.

The museum currently has about 40 active volunteers who are spinning, spooling, cleaning, setting, weaving, telling their stories and giving their ideas and they say they are ready for the big day.

Janet Morgan, 69, of Kidderminster, has learned how to weave and will be one of the demonstrators in the hand loom section on the machines.

She said: “I have always been interested in crafts and always thought there should be a carpet museum in Kidderminster so when I saw there was a chance to help out I jumped at it.

“It has been so exciting learning how to weave. I think the museum will be a tremendous asset to the town I hope the town will get behind it. Everytime I walk through the door there is a new machine whirling and it is a privilege to be involved.”

Former Kidderminster Library worker Sue Brown helped to catalogue books on to museum computers where the trust’s carpet archive is housed.

“It is important to have a museum that will give the town an identity and show some of the old skills that are dying out,” she said. “I did not know anything about carpets before [I volunteered] but I am learning everyday and never stop being impressed.

“Watching it come together has been very exciting and inspirational. I wanted to know why carpets came to Kidderminster and I can’t wait to teach visitors that.”

Jill Edwards helped to catalogue some of the design sheets.

“I am thoroughly enjoying it,” she said. “I am so glad it is coming to fruition and it has been such a privilege to be involved. This could be a spring board for new things in Kidderminster.”