As the weather starts to warm up and we are all getting out into our gardens it’s worth remembering to secure your garage or shed as well as your home.

Although many people take steps to protect their home, they often leave valuable equipment in unsecured sheds or garages.

Power tools, lawnmowers, bikes and golf clubs are some examples of expensive items left in sheds that are not strong or secure enough to protect them from thieves.

Keep sheds in good condition. Fit a close shackle padlock to the door with fixings bolted with any screws hidden. You could even invest in an alarm.

Another good security tip is to chain together all your belongings inside the shed, therefore making it more difficult for burglars to carry them away.

Boundaries are one of your first lines of defence. Strong gates, fences and walls which are kept in good repair can deter intruders.

Make sure rear garden fences are high enough to make them difficult to climb, or a trellis can be used to add additional height.

Side gates should be positioned as close to the front of the house as possible so that potential thieves can’t hide in alcoves.

Defensive planting can also be used. By that I mean the use of certain prickly plants, bushes and shrubs like berberis, pyracantha or holly which can help to deter thieves.

This green-leafed security does not replace traditional security but complements other measures such as lighting, locks and alarms.

Finally, as I mentioned in last month’s column please don’t forget to lock your front door when you’re in the garden.

A burglar can easily sneak in and take a mobile phone, purse, keys or whatever is lying around and you would be none the wiser until you noticed them missing.

If we all take a moment to consider our home security hopefully we can all have a safe summer.