AFTER years of planning the Olympic and Paralympic Games are finally now underway! Significant numbers of officers from across West Mercia are supporting the games at various locations, including London, on pre-planned deployments. To ensure that we are still able to continue with ‘business as usual’ in our local communities and be there when needed, the vast majority of officers have not been allowed to take leave during this time. This, in effect, means there are more officers available.

Many of you will be aware of the problems G4S have faced recently in supplying security staff for the Olympic Games. Thanks to excellent planning by the police service we have been able to step in to support them at a moment’s notice and will continue to support them in the coming weeks.

Despite this we are still delivering policing campaigns and initiatives, including Summer Home Security, highlighting the importance of locking windows and doors when the weather is hot and sunny, and our most recent campaign promoting a safe night out.

This latest campaign is particularly poignant at a time of year when students have broken up from college and university for the holidays and many people are spending their evenings partying and enjoying the summer.

West Mercia Police wants you to enjoy a safe and great night out, but if you don't drink safely and sensibly, you could be putting yourself at risk and leave yourself more vulnerable to regretful sex or even rape.

The police take allegations of sexual assault and rape extremely seriously and will always take action against those responsible.

For more information you can visit the force website at where you can find information about many of our campaigns.

Remember, by drinking sensibly and staying in control of your actions we can all enjoy the Olympics and have a summer to remember.