Worcestershire County Council's Countryside Service has provided a new kissing gate in Crowle which is built to a traditional craft design.

The gate, one of two of an almost forgotten design built locally in the past, was constructed by local craftsman Steve Wall, and installed by Countryside Access Volunteers with the support of the local landowner. It is hoped that the gate will become a popular feature of walks through the fields to the east of Crowle village.

A kissing gate features a gate which is set inside a small enclosure – the term 'kissing' refers to the gate touching either side of the enclosure without needing anything to hold it in place. Whilst people can pass through by moving the gate to allow them to enter the enclosure and leave on the other side, kissing gates do not allow animals through, so livestock cannot escape. Although they are often of a metal construction, Crowle's kissing gate is structured from wood, giving it a more traditional and attractive appearance.

Dave Jones, of Worcestershire County Council's Countryside Service, said: "It's nice to keep some traditional features of our walking heritage alive. Gates like this were keys to the fields in times past, and we hope they will be into the future too."