KEITH fans have reacted against the Angling Trust’s demands to remove the seal from the River Severn at Bewdley.

Social media users have been sharing The Shuttle’s story and posting messages of support for Keith on Twitter and Facebook.

A petition has been launched against the Angling Trust’s claims that if nothing can be done to remove or deter the seal, it will be forced to secure a licence to shoot it using a qualified marksman.

The Angling Trust has written to a number of organisations, including the Environment Agency, demanding the seal be relocated to protect fish stocks.

The petition has already got 168 signatures in less than a day calling on the Environment Agency to act.

A twitter account @keiththeseal has also be posting messages posing as Bewdley’s favourite seal.

Fans have been showing their support by using the hashtags #savekeith and #opsavekeith.

On The Shuttle’s Facebook page, Simon Burgess has posted: "How can you shoot something so cute or for that matter, any animal at all?"

Margaret Green has left the message: "There are plenty of places to fish. Leave it alone please."

A Facebook group called Save Keith the Seal has nearly 1,000 members and a page,, has 388 likes.

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