WYRE Forest residents who have signed up for free home insulation will still be able to benefit from the energy saving scheme despite an end to Government funding.

Last week, the Government announced it would immediately stop its carbon emissions reductions target (CERT) funding but Wyre Forest District Council said it would fund the scheme for those already signed up or waiting for insulation to be installed.

CERT helped UK energy companies take action to help residents lower their homes’ CO2 levels and was mainly done through insulation schemes.

The council has teamed up with VNR Contracting Services to complete the work at remaining properties on the waiting list.

Conservative councillor Anne Hingley, cabinet member for place-shaping, said: “Unfortunately the free home insulation scheme has now ended due to CERT funding. This has left some customers stranded due to signing up and not being able to receive insulation.

“The district council has bridged the funding gap of the remaining properties to install cavity wall and loft insulation.”

For more information, email Jennifer Moreton, council health and sustainability officer, at Jennifer.Moreton@wyreforestdc.gov.uk