HARVINGTON Hall has been transported back in time for a National Geographic Channel programme about Queen Elizabeth I.

The hall has been used for filming by Quickfire Media for a programme called ‘Elizabeth, The War on Terror’ which will look at the underground Catholic movement in the Elizabethan age.

Author professor John Cooper was interviewed on the subject in the hall’s Withdrawing Room overlooking the moat.

The hall was also transformed for re-enactments of various plots at the time, such as the Babington plot of 1586, to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I.

The Marble Room became the offices of an Elizabethan lawyer, the Withdrawing Room became a tavern and in the Brewhouse secrets documents were hidden inside a barrel to be transported across London.

Sherida Breeden, the hall’s manager, said: “The hall was honoured to be chosen by Quickfire Media as the venue for such an interesting programme and it was particularly rewarding that some of the hall’s own re-enactment group were chosen to play the various parts, mixing with experienced actors who had appeared in a variety of well known programmes.”

The programme will be shown next Spring.

The hall is also gearing up for its Manor by Moonlight event on October 31 where visitors will be led around the hall by a silent, cloaked guide to different rooms where scenes telling the hall’s history unfold before them.

They will then join with the Elizabethan family in a secret mass in the chapel at the top of the house.

For more information visit 01562 777846.