THE river levels dropped and the rain stopped in Bewdley just in time for the town’s second wassail event, which attracted thousands of revellers.

More than 4,000 people flocked to the town for the revival of the ancient Anglo Saxon celebration of Bewdley’s fruit trees.

Last Saturday’s event saw Wytchwood morris dancers and visiting sides shimmy towards the community orchard at Jubilee Gardens.

Local food producers and woodland demonstrators set up stalls and the smell of spiced local cider filled the air, as over 120 dancers and musicians, two chorales and 22 children – The Wytchettes – entertained visitors.

Crowds gathered with lanterns and the parade, led by Bewdley mayor Linda Candlin, sang and danced up Sev - ernside Side South and Load Street to Bewdley Museum.

The wassail took place in the community orchard with more dancing and singing led by Henry’s Orchard and Bewdley Choral Society. A cup of local cider, produced by Bewdley Apple Co-op, was passed around to toast the health of the trees in the hope of an abundant harvest.

Ellie Hooper, of Bewdley Development Trust, said the “joyous and unique event”

showed what a “great com - munity spirit” Bewdley has.