A KIDDERMINSTER prankster has braved the weather conditions in a bid to brighten up the town.

Adam Woodhouse, 33, known to social-network users as “Kiddy Lad” Dan Evans, said everyone was “constantly moaning” about the town, so with the help of pal “Jimmy the Greek” he decided to don a swimming costume and “give people something to laugh about”.

The character, based on a “typical Kidderminster lad”, has more than 8,400 facebook followers and his YouTube channel, madadttvuk, boasts more than 1,140 subscribers.

He shocked Kidderminster town centre visitors when he drove a motorbike down Blackwell Street and Coventry Street in just swim-wear.

Mr Woodhouse told The Shuttle he was into character comedy and his characters and videos were “just light-hearted stuff ”.

He was also inspired to do something to collect money for charity Cords4Life, which was set up by his friends Joe Beard and Fiona Harris after the death of their two-year-old son Charlie Harris-Beard last year.

He created T-shirts with Dan’s catchphrase “Like” on the front to sell on eBay to raise about £200.

He said: “I know Joe Beard and what happened with Charlie – there was a really low moment in the town when everyone was following his progress, I thought I would love to do something to help.

“Anything I do has got a purpose to it and I am trying to cheer people up. It is nice to try and breathe a bit of life back into the town.”