A DAUGHTER caring for her dying mother was slapped with a parking fine after her ticket moved while she manoeuvred a wheelchair out of her car.

Despite Andrea Masterman explaining the circumstances to UK Parking Control (UKPC), which is - sued the fine, and sending proof of her paid-for ticket, she said she has still been ordered to pay up.

The parking firm has reduced the fine from £60 to £15 as a gesture of good-will following an appeal but Miss Masterman, of Kidderminster, said she was “disgusted” it did not waive the full cost.

A spokeswoman for UKPC denied that Miss Masterman had notified them of her circumstances.

“It’s disgusting,” Miss Masterman said. “I’ve shown them the ticket and told them my mother is dying.”

It was during the 33-year-old’s first outing with her terminally-ill mother Beryl Clarke, who had just spent four weeks in hospital since she became wheelchair-bound after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, that she was issued with the fine.

Miss Masterman had parked in Blackwell Street’s Swan Centre car park to take her mother shopping.

She said her parking ticket was blown into the air vent without her noticing as she struggled to get the wheelchair out of the car for the first time.

“I paid and displayed my ticket in the front window and never thought anything of it,” Miss Masterman explained. “When we got back to the car there was a fine stuck to the windscreen — the ticket had gone down into the air vent.

“I think that while I was manoeuvring the wheelchair it knocked or blew the ticket off the wind - screen, but you could still see the date and time.

“I wrote straight to UKPC with a photograph of my ticket and told them that my mother is terminally ill and it was our first day out after she came out of hospital.”

She added she had received a letter from UKPC last week stating her fine would be reduced if she paid within 35 days.

“If I didn’t pay and display fair enough, but I have written to them with the full circumstances.”

The UKPC spokeswoman added: “The vehicle was parked without display - ing a valid paid and display ticket and therefore the charge has been issued correctly."