A FRENCH community are appealing for information about a Stourport pilot who was killed in an air crash over their village during the Second World War.

This year marks 70 years since Joseph Fellows, along with 14 other Canadian, Australian and British servicemen, died when two Lancasters collided on July 15, 1944.

The villagers of Lignieres hold a commemorative service each year to remember the events and to mark the 70th anniversary, organisers hope to trace as many family members of the servicemen as possible.

Joseph Harold Fellows, who was just 21 at the time of his death, was the son of Joseph and Ethel Fellows, of Stourport.

He was a Sergeant in 207 Squadron of the Royal Air Force volunteer reserve and is buried at Lignieres cemetery along with the other 14 men.

The organiser of the event was already in touch with the families of five of the 15 airmen and British couple Alan and Sue Croft, who moved to Indre-et-Loire in France three years ago, have been drafted in to help trace the other families.

The 70th anniversary ceremony is to take place on Sunday, July 13 and it is anticipated that representatives of each of the Canadian, Australian and British embassies and their air forces will be in attendance.

There will be a commemorative Mass in the local church, a march past with the flags of local organisations, the laying of wreaths at the cemetery, a short event at the memorial marking the site where the accident took place and a glass of wine presented by the Mayor.

Anyone with information about Mr Fellows can email Sue Croft at alancroft9@aol.com