CHILDREN at a Kidderminster school experienced an exotic day when they were visited by the Animal Man.

The Animal Man, Steffan Pearson, gives lectures on animals for youngsters, who have the opportunity to see a variety of unusual animals for themselves.

Teachers at Heronswood Primary School were also enthralled by the animals, and head teacher Matthew Ashcroft said the “amazing and stimulating” experience was enjoyed by all key stage one and reception children.

Mr Ashcroft added: “There is no better way to support the children’s learning than by immersing them in an experience which brings their learning to life.”

During the day the youngsters were able to interact with a number of exotic creatures, including a gecko lizard, a chameleon lizard, a bearded dragon lizard, a baby boa contrictor, a tarantula, a corn snake, an owl, a skunk and even a Brazilian honey bear.

Mr Ashcroft added: “Our children showed amazing bravery and many of them volunteered to hold the animals. Each child had the chance to hold, stroke and ask questions about the animals.

“The children learnt so much from this experience, which was relevant to their topic work.

“The Animal Man was brilliant at answering all the questions.”

He added the youngsters were “very relieved” when the skunk decided not to spray them.