DANCERS in Stourport held a fun day with performances to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital heart ward.

Zennor’s Dance and Musical Theatre Academy chose to support the medical cause after three of its members received care on the ward, including seven-year-old William Wallace, who had surgery for a life-threatening illness.

The group, with performers aged two to 60, raised £614.92 through entrance fees, stalls, a bouncy castle and refreshments.

Zennor McGuire, principal of the academy, who helped organise the event, said: “I was so proud of the dancers.

“Everybody seemed to enjoy the day and I am blessed to have people around me who were willing to get involved.

“The hospital is close to my heart and is an important cause.

“It was heartbreaking to see the ill children at the hospital but there was also a real feel-good factor to know that we have been able to help.”

The event featured a range of dance productions in a variety of genres, including performances to songs from musicals and more contemporary hits, as well as a drama play.