A WOMAN was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after falling from a horse at a riding centre near Kidderminster on Friday.

The rider is though to have landed on her head after being thrown from the horse, which then trod on her head.

The 999 call came from Berkley Farm Equestrian Centre, Summerway Lane, shortly after 7.45pm, and the West Midlands Ambulance Service sent an ambulance and a paramedic in a rapid-response vehicle.

The Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance, with a doctor on board, was also summoned to the scene.

An ambulance service spokesman said: “On arrival, crews found a woman who it is believed had landed head-first on the ground after being thrown over the front of the horse.

“To make matters worse for the patient, the horse then stamped on her head whilst moving away from the incident.

“Crews quickly assessed the woman and began treating her for a suspected fractured pelvis as well as head, neck and abdominal injuries.

“She was immobilised with the use of a neck collar and spinal board and also had a pelvic splint applied.

“Pain relief was also administered before the woman was airlifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on alert.”