A CHARITY which provides transport for disabled people in Wyre Forest has located its operational and administrative functions on a single site in Kidderminster.

As part of a review of how Wyre Forest Dial-A-Ride provides its "friendly service for disabled of all ages" it was found that improvements could be made by merging the functions on the same site.

Wyre Forest District Council has been providing parking for the specially adapted Dial-A-Ride minibuses at the council’s Green Street depot for some time so when office accommodation with full disabled access became available there it was possible for the charity to make the move to make its services more effective and efficient.

The Dial-A-Ride office moved to Green Street at the end of May.

Dial-A-Ride manager Nigel Caldicott said: “The combining of our two main functions was an essential part of bringing about the necessary and cost-effective changes to the way that we operate.

"Being co-located means that we are able to respond much more effectively to the needs of our members and our volunteers which, in turn, means a better quality of service.

"The district council also provides an MoT service at the depot, which has been of considerable assistance to us in making sure our vehicles are fit for the road at all times.”

The charity has been using volunteers to serve the local community for 28 years and is dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of people of all ages who have difficulty using public transport.

Anyone wishing to know more about the service should contact Wyre Forest Dial-A-Ride on 01562 755084 or by e mail at WyreForest@dial-a-ride86.freeserve.co.uk