A COUPLE have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

Judy, 72, and Jim Dent, 77, tied the knot at St George’s Church in Kidderminster on July 11, 1964 and marked 50 years with a couple of surprises their children have organised.

Mrs Dent said: “We knew they had a surprise couple of days planned but we didn’t know what it was - we were just been told what to wear and where to be.”

The couple, who have two children, Stephen and Joanne, and three grandchildren Jacob, George and Edward, first met in January, 1963 at the Blackhorse Dance Hall in Kidderminster.

Mrs Dent said: “We both went to the dance hall every week, Jim with his friends and I went with mine.

“We danced together a number of times and I can’t remember how we actually got together - it just happened.”

Mr Dent, originally from Quinton, moved to Kidderminster after marrying Mrs Dent. They lived in Cavendish Drive.

The couple have since lived in Shaw Avenue before moving closer to their family in Bewdley.

Mr Dent was a project engineer at Rover for 26 years, while Mrs Dent worked at Cheshires Printers for 38 years.

Since retiring, Mr Dent keeps himself busy by working in his garden and carrying out DIY, which Mrs Dent “supervises”.

Mrs Dent said: “We’ve always stuck together, through thick and thin.

“There’s been good times and not so good times but we have always just loved each other.

“One of the key things is that we enjoy being in each other’s company and enjoy spending time together.”

Mr Dent said the secret of a happy marriage was to “always let his wife have the last word”. “I just do as I’m told,” he explained.