PUPILS at Stourport Primary School showcased their years work at a special presentation.

As part of their studies, year three and four students have been learning about the history of the town from the industrial revolution to modern day.

Many local residents gave up their free time to teach the children, who had to set themselves up as tourism companies and write articles, stories and reviews about the local area for fictional clients.

One of the clients asked for a promotional video, which would encourage people to visit the town.

That involved the children using iPads to take pictures and photo software apps to create the final video.

The children were so proud of their final results that they decided it needed showcasing to a wider audience so they invited a variety of members of the community, as well as their own families to the presentation.

Invited guests included Mayor of Stourport, Cliff Brewer, Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier and Geoff Shaw of Stourport Forward.

Members of Stourport Forward who gave up their time to support the project have arranged to have the video published on the group’s website.

Alison Maybury, leader of year three and four, said: “Our topic this term was local study and with the help of Stourport Forward and the introduction of iPads into the school, we were able to take this to the next level.

“The children learned a lot about Stourport, which they were able to put into their video presentation and were amazed by the amount of people that came to see it.”