A COUPLE have raised about £425 for Cancer Research UK after holding a get-together for holiday home owners on Lincomb Lock Caravan Park in Stourport.

Ron and Irene Barton invited the other people on the site to join an evening of activities, games and competitions while making donations to the charity.

Mr Barton said: “It was a great night and we were very pleased with the support we received from the people who turned up.

“We are also very grateful for their help in raising as much money as we did.”

They did not originally intend to fundraise during the evening but saw it as a good opportunity to make money for the charity.

Mrs Barton said: “The charity is close to our hearts because we lost our daughter when she was 35 to cancer and Ron has also had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma himself seven years ago.

“It’s also a charity that is close to many other people’s hearts as most people know somebody who has or had cancer.

“We try to do something each year to raise money and in the past I have taken part in race for life.

“We invited everybody on the campsite and the night was a great success - we are very grateful for everybody's help.”

The couple held a raffle, which raised about £140, as well as a whiskey toss, a guess the babies' name competition and an auction for a bottle of whiskey.

Mr Barton added: “We’d like to say thank you to the other people on the site who gave donations - it was such a good night and we were surprised with the final amount.

“We weren’t expecting to raise as much as we did.”