HUNDREDS of people gathered around the bandstand in Brinton Park in Kidderminster on Monday night to commemorate the First World War.

Churches Together in Kidderminster, led by The Rev Alex Vaccaro and The Rev Denise Williamson, organised a candlelit vigil for residents of the town.

During a short act of remembrance which featured hymns, prayers and a commitment to peace, the park was a sea of candlelight.

At 11pm, the time war was declared, all the candles and lights around the park were extinguished as a reminder of Sir Edward Grey’s remark “the lamps are going out all over Europe”.

Heather Prangley, member of Holy Innocents Church, said: “Many people brought their own candles and one young woman even sat quietly cross legged on the path with her mobile phone on the floor in front of her, by a burning nightlight.

“She scrolled across the screen to reveal sepia photos of her forefathers in uniform during World War One.

“The event was moving and memorable and a fitting tribute to all who served that we might be free.”