TRAFFIC “chaos” in Kidderminster is being caused by Worcestershire County Council’s “irresponsible” decision to carry out road resurfacing at the same time as a major road closure, according to residents.

Rob Whale, a retired accountant, of Chester Road South, said the traffic could flow “moderately freely” if the closure of Worcester Road to northbound traffic was not combined with work to resurface Chester Road North.

He explained: “It has been chaos. It is totally and utterly irresponsible of the council to carry out road resurfacing at the same time as a major traffic diversion is in place.”

“I can cope with the extra traffic up Chester Road South but this resurfacing work has really knocked me. In Chester Road South, the traffic was backed up as far as Hoobrook.”

Graham Ballinger, Liberal Worcestershire county councillor, said: “I might be a county councillor but I have never seen chaos like it. It has been chaos everywhere and not just at the Land Oak junction.

“Why the council doesn’t have the work done at night-time is unbelievable. This is going to go on for two months.

“There is no urgency about the work and there will be all the holiday traffic today. What is going to happen at the end of the school holidays?”

He added: “I think it is unacceptable. Kidderminster is getting a name for itself as the gridlock capital of the Midlands.”

A spokeswoman for Worcestershire County Council, said: "The resurfacing works on Chester Road were due to be completed at the start of the week.

“There have, unfortunately, been some delays that have resulted in the works continuing longer than anticipated.

“We have been assured that the resurfacing works on Chester Road will be completed by 4pm this afternoon.

“It is unfortunate that the works on Chester Road have overlapped the work that is taking place on Worcester Road.

“Contractors on behalf of Severn Valley Railway are working on Worcester Road to ensure that the work is completed within the times stipulated.

“We acknowledge that there have been traffic issues today and we apologise for this inconvenience to commuters."