A LARGE haul of treasure found in Worcestershire will be displayed in a Hartlebury museum from next month.

 The Worcestershire Hoard is on its way back to the county from the British Museum, London and will be displayed at the County Museum from March 9.

In June 2011, Worcestershire hit the headlines with the discovery of the largest haul of treasure ever found in the county, a stash of almost 4,000 Roman coins discovered by metal detecting enthusiasts in the Vale of Evesham on Bredon Hill.

The hoard will be on display at Hartlebury in its unconserved state, while fund-raising continues to enable Museums Worcestershire to conserve the coins and display them around the county.

Museums Worcestershire was given four months to raise the cash to acquire the Hoard last November.

The money was collected through donations from residents, together with £4,500 from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s purchase grant fund and £2,250 from the Headley Trust Archaeological Acquisition Fund.

Worcestershire Archaeological Society also boosted the coffers by donating more than £1,000 to the appeal.

Museums Worcestershire is set to launch a new appeal in April to conserve and display the coins around the county.

Conservative John Campion, chairman of the joint museums committee, said: "We are very pleased to be able to show the Worcestershire Hoard at Hartlebury while fund-raising continues to enable us to conserve the hoard for future generations.

“We are very grateful to the communities of Worcestershire who have raised the money needed to acquire the Hoard and we will welcome it back with open arms.

“We hope Worcestershire residents will take the opportunity to come and see the hoard at Hartlebury, even though it's still covered in mud it is amazing to think this was buried in Worcestershire soil for 1800 years."

Conservation of the Hoard will take place at Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum later in the year, and residents will be able to watch conservation as it happens.