KINVER residents gathered en masse in the village to meet with their MP Gavin Williamson to protest about plans to earmark Green Belt land off White Hill for future new homes.

People living in and around White Hill, where meadowland has been identified by council planners as a favoured site for much-needed new housing, met with Conservative MP Mr Williamson to highlight their concerns about the plan.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Not only are they outraged at plans to build on Green Belt, which they say will spoil the view from Kinver’s historic Rock Houses, they fear any new development off White Hill will worsen traffic problems in the Potters Cross area of the village.

John Macriner, secretary of Kinver Green Belt Action Group, told the News: “We’re opposing it for various reasons. There are better areas that could be used for the building of properties. We do not think sufficient attention has been paid to Potters Cross and the cars coming through.”

Villager Suzanne Smith said: “Our biggest concern is not just that it’s Green Belt - it’s also the traffic down here. They’ve done surveys early in the morning and later at night; they didn’t do them when the children come out of school.”

Mr Williamson said: “There’s a high level of concern and opposition to the proposal It just doesn’t seem to be the right or most appropriate site."

He added: "I hope an alternative can be looked at."

Kidderminster Shuttle:

South Staffordshire District Council, however, voted on August 1 to include the land in the authority's Site Allocations Document highlighting future housing sites - and it is now set to be submitted to the Secretary of State.

As part of the document, which is expected to be adopted next year after examination by a Government Planning Inspector, the White Hill site has been earmarked for 30 houses and land off Hyde Lane has also been favourited to accommodate 30 new homes.

A district council spokesman said: "The SAD has been developed over a number of years after extensive public consultation and has a vital role to play in ensuring that growth is managed and located in the most sustainable locations."