A VEHICLE dismantler in Stourport is calling it day after more than 40 years trading in second-hand car parts.

Roger Hall, 65, is closing down his business, Potters Vehicle Dismantlers, in Sandy Lane, after 42 years.

He took over the business when his father-in-law died in 1970 and it has been in the same family since 1963.

He said: “I’ve enjoyed it but the job has changed. It’s not how it used to be. Young people used to buy the different bits and pieces for their cars but now many cars have to go back to their manufacturers. It seems that youngsters want new cars now.”

The company also faced difficulties when the Environment Agency forced Mr Hall to close in 2004 because of a change to the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) licence rules.

It was allowed to reopen after satisfying agency inspectors his facilities met the required standard.

Mr Hall added: “The Environment agency wanted me to spend £150,000 to concrete the yard but I couldn’t afford it. They had mis-interpreted the EU law and allowed me to re-open.

“We’ve raised three children with the profits so we’ve done well. I’d like to thank all my customers over the years for their support.”